What pleasure it was to hear @mindybraasch perform today. She stopped by my DC office with the National Songwriters Association. I’m sure we’ll be hearing her songs for years to come. #songwriters #music #talent (at Office of Congressman Fincher (TN-08))

My sister-in-law. Talented.

“What’s happening with these court cases will determine the future of the music publishing and songwriting industries,” said David Israelite, the president of the National Music Publishers’ Association. “It is simply unfair to ask songwriters and publishers to be paid something less than a fair market rate for their intellectual property.”

Pandora Suit May Upend Century-Old Royalty Plan - (via infoneer-pulse)

Interesting to see how this will turn out.

Hero of Time | The Legend of Zelda Remix | Jeesh (by Joshua Kershaw)

A really, really nice song. The song is also free to download on Bandcamp.


Mystery Gift: an Original Pokémon Tribute by Benjamin Briggs

More great music from what has to be one of my favorite artists out there right now. Go grab it now!

This is huge in light of Amazon’s and Apple’s Patents to resell ebooks


Key graph from Wired’s story:

“The novel question presented in this action is whether a digital music file, lawfully made and purchased, may be resold by its owner through ReDigi under the first sale doctrine. The court determines that it cannot,” the judge ruled.

Well then, this should keep things in turmoil for a while longer. It looks more and more like this can only be solved by an overhaul of current law by the Legislative branch, not trying to worm ourselves around via the Judiciary.