“Zelda games present a broader scope of humanity than other games. We see preschool children playing games, teenagers locked in petty arguments, young adults, middle-aged men and women; elderly figures foolish and wise. It is a world of misfits and eccentrics, and Link must messianically save them all.”

I like the whole article, but I especially like this part. We don’t see such huge ranges of ages in most video games do we? Zelda game (in Wind Waker in particular) you can see barely walking toddlers, children, teens, adults, married couples, shopkeepers, guards, old people, etc… And this is all in the same game. You can interact with them all and they behave in ways that are familiar to us.

Zelda displays the breadth of humanity for us all at once. You can’t say that about too many other games these days. Brainy Gamer: To dream again