Yes it’s another Zeal mix, but this one is really good!

OC ReMix #2389: Chrono Trigger ‘Lucid States’ [Corridor of Time] by ambient & DragonAvenger (by ocremix)

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So to start off, we go to Chrono Trigger, my favorite RPG ever.  I happen to really like this remix, it starts off calm, but with portent lurking behind it.  It then shifts over to a trance~ish style, but stays recognizable as the base theme throughout.  It has a drive to it, a ‘purpose’ if you will that I really like.  Unlike some others I’ll be putting up here, it doesn’t start off forcefully, but builds through the storyline of the song.  It’s a fantastic song, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

As it’s a remix, it’s free, and most likely legal. You can get it yourself from