Safari Do Not Track Header

So yeah, there’s this thing called Do Not Track and while I’ve known about it’s existence for a little while, I had been unable to figure out how to turn it on in Safari. In Firefox, it’s set to neutral (the setting isn’t even included in the header) but can be turned on in settings. IE (Internet Explorer) also has it able to be enabled in settings and might/will be enabled by default, as I can’t remember which it is. I figured that it would be included in an update to Safari so I wasn’t to worried about finding the feature. Also the specification and meaning hasn’t been fully worked out yet either.

But while reading an article in The Economist about the issue, they mentioned that the feature already existed in Safari 5.1.7, but hidden in the Develop menu. I have that enabled so I was able to just click and turn it on. If you’d like to as well, then all you need to do is go to Preferences -> Advanced -> and click the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” box to get that to show up. Works great and easy!