“Given the amount of time we spend on-line and the ubiquity of computer chips in mediating our lives, you would think that we would have less connection with the fifty-year past. One reason we maintain this connection is that we have recordings and movies, while all we have from the 1910’s are books and grainy photographs. But there is another reason. Think of what we are really getting from the Cloud that might differentiate us from the past. For all the 4-G networks and iPads, what we have produced are differences in quantity, speed, and access, not differences in kind. Through on-line search we basically have a faster and more extensive encyclopedia, through on-line shopping we always have the latest catalog at our fingertips with operators always standing by, through e-mail we have a cheap personal telegraph.”

Some thought on the advancement of culture in an age of swift technological development. What new forms of expression have developed recently? The only thing that comes to my mind is video games - but even there the cinematic movement leads to just a remix of the movie form.

Rick Bookstaber: The Day the Earth Stood Still